We offer fully managed, fully serviced, fully furnished residences for purchase that allow owners to relax and enjoy our tranquil 5-star resort and its facilities without the hassle of having to maintain a property abroad year round.

Luxury residences at Vale d’Oliveiras are available for purchase together with a rental contract that generates income for owners and investors through the resort’s rental programme. One- and two-bedroom properties can be purchased on a freehold or quarter-share basis.

Our fully managed, fully serviced, and fully furnished properties save you the time, effort, and hassle of maintaining your own property year ‘round. Everything is ready at your place when you arrive and everything is taken care of when you leave. Depending on how much time owners wish to spend in the Algarve, we offer three options:

  • enjoy 8 months a year at your residence, letting your property for 4 months June to September – with a 3-year guaranteed cap on condominium charges.
  • use your residence for less time on a flexible basis, letting your property for longer with a 3-year guarantee of up to 4% pre-tax return (rental income less condominium charges).

If you can spend only a few weeks a year in the Algarve, a quarter share apartment at our exclusive resort leaves you free to relax and focus on your holiday. Think about nothing else while you enjoy all the 5-star facilities within our lush, hidden paradise. Our fully managed apartments save you time, effort, and the expense of maintaining a property of your own all year round.

How do quarter share properties work?

We are the only 5-star resort in the Algarve to offer quarter share properties:

  • Purchase 25% of the property at our 5-star resort & spa
  • Enjoy up to 13 weeks each year at your apartment.
  • Give weeks to family and friends.
  • Sell ​​your 25% equity whenever you wish.
  • Rent back unwanted weeks with the resorts holiday rental programme

Freehold purchase of a property at Vale d’Oliveiras can help you to achieve your residency criteria for Portugal’s Non-Habitual Residents tax regime. The Vale d’Oliveiras offer is actually a perfect fit as it’s hassle-free with no annual costs and occupancy rules which fit the government criteria and fit the need of buyers! As a Non-Habitual Resident you are exempt from personal income tax on almost all non-Portuguese income. This includes pensions, rental income, capital gains on the sale of real estate, dividends, interest and royalties. Furthermore, you qualify for a flat 20% income tax rate on personal salaries and business income arising from high value added activities in Portugal such as architecture, engineering, science, tax consultancy, medicine, and computer programming.

To become tax resident in Portugal you need to maintain a property in the country as your habitual residence during each day of the Portuguese tax year. Or spend 183 days or more in the country for the same period. Non-Habitual Resident status is given to you for 10 years as long as you were not tax resident in Portugal during the previous five years.